10 Things Everyone Should Know about Skylights

Skylights can be a stunning solution to invite light and warmth into your home – especially if there is no way to add an extra window. However, more than just a practical solution to a dim space, they can be full of character, creating a stunning

10 Interesting Facts about Leadlights

When most people think of leadlights, they think of churches and heritage listed houses from the turn of the century. However, they are still a popular addition for many homes and buildings around the world today, and it isn’t hard to see why..&a

Stylish Front Door Decorating Ideas

How many times have you arrived home from a busy day at work, out with friends, or out running errands, only to be disappointed at the appearance of your house from the street? You’re not alone – unfortunately, over time,..

Things to Consider While Choosing Internal Doors

Whether you’re building your dream home or renovating your existing one, the internal doors are a feature that is often overlooked. If you are trying to make your home more fashionable, however, this is something that you cannot afford to..

Complete Your Space with Internal Doors

When we think about internal doors, we generally think of the doors that separate our bedrooms from our living areas, or our bathrooms from our hallways. In short, we think of them as serving a function. However, what if your..

5 Things to Know About Pivot Doors Before Installing them in Your Home

Attractive and impressive, a pivot door is perfectly suited to those who want their entrance way to say something. Designed to make a statement, you can be sure that any guests arriving on your front step will stop to take..

How to Clean Leadlight Windows and Leadlight Glass

As beautiful as it is practical, leadlight brings something to your home that not much else can match. Whether you’ve got a federation style house, or art-deco, leadlight glass gives you a timeless glamour that makes your home stand out..

Wrought Iron Doors Can Give A Majestic Touch To Your Home

Choosing your home’s decorative elements can be a challenging and time consuming task. There are many things that need to be considered, particularly when it comes to those external features. Privacy and security are two critical issues that you&

10 Gorgeous Leadlight Design Ideas For Your Home

If you are having leadlights custom made for your home, you might find it difficult to choose a design. In the past, the design or style has often been an indication of the age of the home. These days, however,..

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