Leadlight Repairs & Restoration

Leadlight Repairs & Restoration

Breathe new life into your existing leadlight windows and doors thanks to our talented team. Whether the glass has been damaged, or it has just been neglected, we can return the panel to its former glory. Whilst most leadlight window repairs can occur onsite, we will need to take the panel back to our studio for a full restoration in some cases.

Experienced in Repairs

At Armadale Doors & Leadlight, we have a number of experienced and qualified leadlight artists. If your existing stained glass is damaged for any reason, our craftspeople can repair the fault to ensure a stunning and cohesive finish across your whole home – to the point where those with an eye for lead lighting struggle to note a point of difference. 

Depending on the individual panel and where the break occurs, we can come to your home for onsite repairs. Sometimes, due to the nature of the leadlight panels, we will need to remove and repair certain breaks in our factory.

Custom Designed in Australia

Designed &
Made in Australia

Family Owned & Run Business

Family Owned
& Run Business

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Quality Restoration

Our experienced leadlighters are able to remove all old and cracked lead, clean each individual piece of original glass, replace and match any broken pieces from our glass library and re-lead the entire panel. All our restoration panels come with a 15-year warranty. Your original leadlight design & glass stays the same but comes with the benefits of being restored and installed today.

Stained Glass Restoration

Extensive Library

Armadale Doors & Leadlight has the largest collection of authentic original glass in Australia. Our glass library dates back to the 1880’s. Because of this library, we are able to not only restore and repair leadlight panels with rare and hard to find glass, but also to re-create & match leadlights that are true to the history and era of your home. If you’re looking to replace your stained glass with a piece that is more in keeping with your personal taste, we can work with you to create a design that both meets your needs and complements your architecture. 

"Throughout each day I see my beautiful lead lighting and derive enormous pleasure from each piece created for my home... am so pleased I did not take my architect's advice and went to the trouble of installing sensitively appropriate glass. Choosing a mixture of beautiful old and new glass combined with an Edwardian design have 'finished off' the house facade. The fact that many people don't notice it is a great compliment to this company in getting the end product right."


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Sustainable Practices

We are conscious of our environmental footprint at Armadale Doors & Leadlight. If materials can be reused, then we do so. Our constant use of old glass in restored leadlight panels is only one way we highlight our commitment to sustainable practices – as is the use of locally sourced, carefully selected timbers. 

We also believe that in investing in high quality doors and windows, you can be confident of their durability and long lifespan. This means you won’t need to replace them as frequently – reducing the amount of waste produced and the resources needed in their replacement. 

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