Each and every piece we create is custom designed to your exact needs – and therefore the warranty is customised to the finished piece as well. In many cases, the door or window may fall outside of the Australian Standard, and therefore we can offer no guarantee that they won’t bow. However, with our skill and experience, we create each piece to the highest quality for your piece of mind. 

In general, we recommend following the below guidelines to extend the life of your doors: 

Bespoke Doors 
Doors that are inside of the Australian Industry standard sizing of 2340 in height and 920 in width (i.e. any door smaller than the aforementioned) are covered by a conditional 5 year warranty. To qualify for the warranty the door/s and frame must be maintained as per manufacturers recommendations. Doors that are stained and are West or North facing must be re-stained every 12 months, and stained doors that are south or east facing must re-stained every 2 years. Doors that are larger than 2340 in height and 920 in width are not covered by a warranty.  

Baldwin Hardware
If you’re investing in Baldwin Hardware, you can take advantage of their extensive warranties. Each of their lines are covered by different types of warranties – you can find more information on these here: https://www.baldwinhardware.com/support/warranty-information

Please contact our team if you have any questions regarding specific pieces you have commissioned, or would like to know more prior to purchase.