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Leadlight Doors

If you’re looking for a way to bring beauty and character into your home, then a leadlight feature within your doors is the ideal addition. Providing warmth and depth, as well as stunning bursts of coloured light, they are the perfect choice for every home – indoors and out. 

Custom Designed in Australia

Designed &
Made in Australia

Crafted & Installed by Our Team

Crafted & Installed
by Our Team

Family Owned & Run Business

Family Owned
& Run Business

Stunning Glass

At Armadale Doors & Leadlight, we pride ourselves on having the largest collection of original coloured and textured glass dating back to the 1880s. Our team of skilled glass artisans constantly use this glass for restoration projects and on reproduction panels or to match existing ones. With more than 10,000 designs in our portfolio and the ability to create custom leadlight door panels, rest assured that the finished product will be everything you imagined.


Heritage to Contemporary

There is a misconception that leadlight entrance doors only belong in period homes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Contemporary and modern homes can be enhanced just as beautifully as a Victorian or Edwardian one. We fully encourage our clients to think outside the box in terms of a more modern design. View our gallery to see some of the modern leadlight glass door inserts we have created, or contact us for more information.

leadlight entrance doors

Stained to Perfection

Throughout the consultation period, we will select a stain for your leadlight door using photographs and samples – we can match existing pieces of furniture complement the tones already used in your home. We ensure that the glass is adequately protected during the staining process to avoid discolouration. Alternatively, if you prefer a painted door, we can spray undercoat your new door in our factory, to seal the natural timber, and assist in the best possible final paint finish.

"I could not recommend Philip and his amazing team any more. They have just finished installing a large window/door in my house and I am absolutely thrilled with it. We have a house that's full of stained-glass doors and windows and so my brief to them was to make it look like it had always been here for the last 100 years - they have far exceeded my expectations. I can feel our house smiling!"


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Built with Skill & Experience

We understand that the quality of the construction is going to be paramount. Our factory is fitted with state-of-the-art machinery, which provides us with flexibility and the ability to meet all the requirements of our design team.

We can also apply triple glazing to stained glass, as this improves the safety and security of your home, as well as making the panel easier to clean – we’ll work with you to uncover the best solution for your home. 



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