Entrance Doors

Our Front Entrance Doors are designed, manufactured, stained and installed by us. This ensures consistency and superior quality throughout the entire process. All our external frames come with a triple draft seal system to ensure a secure barrier against the elements. We can also include a number of features in our designs, from moulding to leadlight front doors.


The use of warm, natural timbers and rugged wrought iron can recreate an old European style entrance. A traditional door can be carefully designed to provide privacy as well as to be visually striking. Our head designer will work carefully with you to establish the style of your home and to determine what sort of external doors you ultimately visualize (i.e. leadlight entrance doors with glass panels).


We have the ability to produce beautiful projects with glass, including stained, beveled and leadlight entry doors. Alternatively, we can create solid timber entrance doors for a secure entry that provides maximum privacy. As we have access to hundreds of moulding cutters, we can also match period style doors or incorporate such elements into any contemporary entrance door design.



There are a number of exterior door configurations available through Armadale Doors &Leadlights, including: standard single, double, side lite and high lite. We can help you to determine which of these configurations will best match the style of your home and fill your opening. We can also custom make front doors for homes if you need to contend with unusual opening sizes or shapes.



We understand the importance of using quality materials in the creation of an external door – it not only needs to keep your home secure against unwanted entry, it needs to make a great first impression on visitors. This is why we refuse to compromise on the quality of the materials used in our contemporary doors and why we exercise meticulous attention to design and detail.