Triple glazing

Triple Glazing

We offer triple glazing with all new & restored leadlights so long as it is possible, to provide it with added security and improve the energy efficiency of your home. The panes used can be either clear or textured, depending on your preference and the needs of your application. 

Improved Lifespan

Triple glazed windows are made with three pieces of glass – two external panes and the internal leadlight. The external glass is always safety glass to comply with the Australian Human Impact Safety Standards. The custom-made leadlight panel is encased between the two glass panes in a specially formulated desiccant system. The adhesive desiccant rubber spacer is adhered to the external layers of glass. Silicon is then used to insure a complete and lasting seal. Once complete, the leadlight is protected from the elements and will last a lifetime.

Custom Designed in Australia

Designed &
Made in Australia

Family Owned & Run Business

Family Owned
& Run Business

Triple glazed windows

Subtle Design

Many people worry that the addition of triple glazing to their leadlight windows will result in a finish that is not as strong as leadlight alone. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Triple glazing does not take anything away from the overall leadlight effect, however, there is only one reflection (not multiple, as in original lead lighting) when viewed from the outside. The benefits of triple glazed surfaces, in most cases, outweigh this small compromise – ensuring you can take advantage of stunning windows without compromise. 

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Energy Efficiency

What many people don’t consider when investing in original lead lighting is the compromised energy efficiency of their home. Thin glass panes allow warm air to escape through the windows whilst cool outdoor air can creep into your home at the same time. However, in triple glazing your stained glass, you can trap your heated air within your home, creating a cosy space that is as energy efficient as it is attractive. 

"Twelve months ago, Phillip designed and installed a beautiful leadlight window for the end of the hall in my Victorian home. Each day I walk past the window where light streams through the coloured glass and fills my heart with glee. Phillip used a combination of old and new glass, some of the glass has hand painted work. His harmonising choice of colour means the window sings and looks like a piece of art. I just thought it was appropriate to let everyone know how happy I am with my leadlight window."


Triple glazed windows melbourne

Industry Innovators

ADL have been involved with energy ratings since their conception. Philip Parker has worked with members of the Leadlight Association, the Australian Standards & the Australian Building Code to introduce triple glazing in order to comply with relevant energy legislations. There are many advantages for using this glazing; it adds security, safety, is easy to clean and, most importantly, it increases the energy efficiency of your home. In most cases, we use safety glass on both outside surfaces in order to comply with Australian Human Impact Safety Standards. 

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Triple glazed windows image
Triple glazing melbourne image
Triple glazed windows melbourne image
Triple glazing, Triple glazed windows design
Triple glazed windows design
triple glazed windows melbourne
Triple glazed windows melbourne design
Triple glazing latest design


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