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Pivot Doors

For a contemporary and striking door that will stop guests in their tracks, look no further than a pivot door. Loved for their larger than life appearance, they are the ideal choice for those who want their home to stand out from the crowd. 

Custom Designed in Australia

Designed &
Made in Australia

Crafted & Installed by Our Team

Crafted & Installed
by Our Team

Family Owned & Run Business

Family Owned
& Run Business

Stunning Design

It is through clever design that our pivot doors make the statement that they do – rather than simply pushing open like a traditional door, they can swing open in both directions. However, what truly ensures they stand out from the crowd is their impressive size! Larger than life, they are often feature double the surface area as their standard counterparts. 

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Quality Craftsmanship

Armadale Doors & Leadlight can use pivot systems on any design of door. From solid construction to full glass, as long as the door has an external timber surround for the pivot system to be installed into. The advantage of using a pivot system over conventional hinged doors is their ability to open very large doors. However, when making large oversized doors you must be aware that in most cases they fall outside the Australian Standards and come with no guarantee that they won’t bow.

Despite this, large oversized doors are made in our industry every day. When manufacturing oversized doors, ADL recommends, where possible, that the door is manufactured as a thicker than usual door, as this can prevent bowing.”

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Larger than Life

We are constantly designing timber pivot doors in Melbourne, from cladded lining board doors in many designs to solid timber doors that are from 44mm to 90mm thick, depending on the design. These doors certainly give a door a very special door feel and appearance. At Armadale Doors & Leadlight we recommend doors no thinner than 44mm and recently pivoted a door that was a massive 120mm thick. This magnificent pivot door was 3m by 1.6m, and was designed to make a statement; “a door that people will stop and admire as they enter” was the brief from the client.

"Love our giant pivot front door. Philip knew exactly what would work with our house and his team were fantastic. Now we have a front door that really makes the right statement. Thank you." 



Innovative FritsJurgens System 

The features of the FritsJurgens System3 are it can turn through 360º and is characterized by a hold position at 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º. This means that the spring-loaded door turns from each 45º in both directions and stops in the desired direction. The door needs only a little force to start moving, then it continues to rotate by itself, thanks to the patented spring construction. As a result of precise damping, the door comes to rest in the hold position after two movements.

It is suitable for internal and external doors that are made from all types of material with a maximum bearing capacity of 500kg. FritsJurgens System3 is suitable for soundproof doors, doors with draft excluding, windproof and waterproof profiles, and burglar-resistant doors

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Glass Pivot Doors
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