Solid Doors

Armadale Doors & Leadlight have many years of experience with the risks associated with solid timber doors. We pride ourselves in using only select grade timber material in our solid doors to ensure exceptional quality. During the design, process we are meticulous with the ‘details’ and will advise you how to minimize your risk of warpage.


Our many years in operation have given us plenty of experience with the risks associated with solid timber doors, from the need to protect each one from the sun (as this can lead to warping) to the proper manufacturing processes required (as this will ensure the longevity of your stunning design).


As there are problems associated with solid doors, we understand the importance of using the highest quality timber species possible. The better the timber, the fewer problems our clients are likely to experience in the future. Our meticulous attention to detail further ensures that problems are unlikely to arise.



With over 40 years joinery experience and access to state of the art machinery in our factory, you can rest assured that every door manufactured by Armadale Doors & Leadlights is of superior quality. We can be completely flexible in our designs, as well as meet the requirements of our design team with ease.