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Adding a glass element to your doors can be the ideal way to create character throughout your home – providing natural light and design detail that is hard to replicate. With skill and experience, we can create internal and external glass doors that capture your imagination and meet your needs.

Custom Designed in Australia

Designed &
Made in Australia

Crafted & Installed by Our Team

Crafted & Installed
by Our Team

Family Owned & Run Business

Family Owned
& Run Business

Range of Designs

You will be forgiven for thinking that there is only one option available when it comes to glass: clear. The truth is, there is a wide range of styles and finishes available, including: bevelled, kiln fired, slumped and fused. Our understanding of colour and shape inspire us to design a stunning range of external and internal glass doors, from traditional and classic through to modern and contemporary. We are proud to also have the largest collection of original stained glass in Australia at our fingertips.

Door Made with Glass & Wood

Innovative Technology

We source glass partners who are constantly upgrading their technology and innovation in manufacturing – we demand that both our partners and ourselves meet changing energy standards.

Internal Doors Made with Glass

Stunning Glass

Armadale Doors & Leadlight is proud to have the largest collection of original coloured and textured glass in Australia, dating back to the 1880s. Our team of skilled artisans is able to work with both stained glass and leadlight, ensuring each glass door is created with the expertise needed to stand the test of time. We also work closely with you, our clients, to ensure that your desired look and style is effortlessly achieved.

"Throughout each day I see my beautiful lead lighting and derive enormous pleasure from each piece created for my home... am so pleased I did not take my architect's advice and went to the trouble of installing sensitively appropriate glass. Choosing a mixture of beautiful old and new glass combined with an Edwardian design have 'finished off' the house facade. The fact that many people don't notice it is a great compliment to this company in getting the end product right."


Luxury Door Made with Glass & Timber

Complement Your Home

Thanks to the wide range of design options, choosing a style that complements your home can be incredibly easy.

Whether your space is contemporary or Edwardian, art-deco or bohemian, or features a mixture of eras, we will work closely with you to uncover the character of your home and the finish you’re hoping to achieve – crafting stunning glass doors and bringing your dreams to life in the process. 

Internal Glass Doors


Entrance Doors With Glass Melbourne
Entrance Doors With Glass Melbourne
Entrance Doors With Glass Melbourne
Entrance Doors With Glass Melbourne
Entrance Doors With Glass Melbourne
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Internal Doors with Glass Panels
Internal Wooden Doors With Glass
Internal Glass and Wood Doors
Glass and Wood Doors
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Glass Doors


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