Industry Standards

In 2006 the Australian leadlight & stained glass standards were re-written. The standards board had recommendations from people within the glass industry to legislate and change the standards. As Philip Parker was the President of the Leadlight Association at the time, it was his job to represent the industry Australia-wide and discuss the changes with the Australian Standards committee.

The changes would have impacted the Leadlight industry significantly and as a result stained glass and leadlight panels would have never been able to be reproduced as it has for the past 100 years. Philip was determined to ensure this did not happen and was called upon to write the industry standards for leadlight and stained glass.

With Philips 40 + years’ experience in the industry he was able to produce standards that positioned the industry into the 21st century.  Armadale Doors & Leadlight are across door and window standard 2074 down to the Australian Standards of 1288 and Philip’s knowledge in these standards allow him to design within the envelope set out by the legislation within the Australian Standards.