Sustainable Design with Western Red Cedar

Armadale Doors and Leadlights places sustainability at the forefront of our design and creating processes, using ethically sourced materials whenever possible. One great example of the way in which we endeavour to reduce our impact is through the use of Western Red Cedar.

Over half of our doors are made from this material alone, and we’re happy to report that it is considered one of the world’s most sustainable resources! Western Red Cedar is one of the most thoroughly researched timbers, and it has been found to produce fewer greenhouse gasses, generate less water and air pollution, and require less energy to produce than other building alternatives.

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The Western Red Cedar that we use is sourced from Canada and North America in line with the Chain of Custody requirements of Responsible Wood (previously known as the Australian Forestry Standards). This ensures the biodiversity of the forests from which they are logged is maintained. When compared with other building materials, it is the most sustainable and eco-friendly product available.

Sustainability of Building Materials Wood Steel Concrete
Total Energy Use Lowest 140% more 70% more
Greenhouse Gases Lowest 45% more 81% more
Air Pollution Lowest 42% more 67% more
Water Pollution Lowest 1900% more 70% more
Solid Waste Lowest 35% more 96% more
Ecological Resource Use Lowest 16% more 97% more

Energy Efficiency

Like other timbers, the Western Red Cedar that we use easily surpasses concrete and steel when it comes to energy efficiency. This takes into consideration its:

Heat conductivity

Relevant building codes

Thermal performance

Insulation capabilities

Environmental Impact

For those trying to curb their carbon footprint, you’ll be happy to learn that Western Red Cedar is a carbon neutral product. Widely recognised as the ultimate sustainable timber product, this species not only generates less emissions than its counterparts, but also comes from a renewable and sustainable resource. In fact, there are three Western Red Cedar trees planted for every one tree that is harvested. There are more Western Red Cedar forests in Canada (the world’s leading supplier of this species) now than there was 100 years ago!

custom  made doors
custom  made doors

The Finished Product

Thanks to the stunning appearance of Western Red Cedar, you won’t need to sacrifice beauty and performance in the name of sustainability. Highly dimensionally stable and weather resistant, it is our favourite timber to work with for a reason! It can also be stained, oiled or painted to complement your home, and is the ideal choice for both interior and exterior doors. With colours ranging from attractive reds to warm browns with pink undertones, this timber is unsurpassed in its beauty, ensuring a stunning finish, every time!

custom  made doors
custom  made doors
custom  made doors
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