Philip Parker has over 10,000 leadlight designs in his portfolio to choose from and can also create a custom design if required. Triple glazing is applied to all of the leadlight panels we create, as it offers a number of advantages over standard glass. We also provide restoration and repairs for leadlights that have been damaged or improperly looked after.


Philip Parker, our artistic director and head designer, has over 10,000 leadlight designs in his portfolio to choose from and we can also create a custom and unique design if required. Philip will fine-tune each design based on the individual clients’ needs, ensuring that it is exactly what you are after. Each of our leadlights comes with a 15 year warranty.

Restoration & Repairs

Armadale Doors & Leadlight is home to Australia’s largest collection of authentic and original glasses (dating back to the 1880’s). This has helped us to become the market leaders in leadlight restorations and repairs. Depending on the panel itself and the location of the damage, repairs can be undertaken onsite or they will be taken to our studio/factory.

Triple Glazing

We apply triple glazing into all of the leadlights we create and glasses we utilise, as it offers many advantages (besides complying with relevant energy legislation), including: added security, added safety, ease of cleaning, and increasing the energy efficiency of your home. We also don’t believe that triple glazing takes away from overall leadlight effect.

What if my door isn’t a standard size?

Not a problem! We make all our doors to order in any size required.

Do you install, stain or paint?

Yes we can install – our doors, frames & glass/leadlights by our finishing carpenters. Staining is always done in the controlled environment of our factory in Malvern. We can provide factory spray prime undercoats. However we do not paint final top coats as they are normally done on site after installation by others. We recommend the services of Living Colours.

What is the required information needed to obtain an estimate or quote. Will I have to provide accurate measurements?

Its best to send an email with rough measurements & photos of the existing opening. If you have plans or pictures of your façade they should also be attached. Any design ideas can also be sent so we can provide you with an accurate estimate or quote. If you wish to go ahead then we will advise you of the next steps.

Can leadlights be double glazed?

Absolutely! It is called Triple Glazing. We have a triple glazing system that secures your leadlight between 2 pieces of safety glass. The triple glazed unit is sealed appropriately. This does increase the thickness of your leadlight to 16mm.

I have no idea what style my home is, can you help me with a design to suit?

We would love to! If you have photos of your façade we are able to advise you on the designs that suit or we can design something completely unique if required! All in keeping with the style of your home.