How To Properly (And Carefully) Clean Your Timber Doors

If you have had timber doors recently installed in your home, you may have realised that cleaning them periodically is key to keeping them looking their best. You will notice that the area around the knob and the bottom of the panel will receive the most abuse, so special attention must be paid to these spots. It is also important that you avoid any cleaners that may damage the timber surface.

Step 1: Begin by opening the door and cleaning the top edge with a damp (water only) cloth. Clean the side edge of the panel as well. If the cloth is unable to remove all of the grime, repeat this step after dipping it into a weak dishwashing liquid and warm water solution.

Step 2: Using a clean paintbrush, remove dust from the moulding and trim on both sides of the door. A brush will actually reach into cracks and gaps far better than a feather duster or rag. Wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth to ensure that all dust and dirt has been removed.

Step 3: Using the dishwashing liquid solution, wipe down the area around the knob and use it to remove any scuffmarks from the bottom of the door. Make sure you go over any areas that you have cleaned with a rag to ensure that they are dry and all soap traces removed.

How To Properly (And Carefully) Clean Your Timber Doors

Step 4: If you notice stubborn marks around the knob and on the bottom of the panel (or anywhere else on the door, for that matter), they can be removed by rubbing at them with a cloth that you have moistened with mineral spirits. Be sure to exercise extreme care.

Step 5: Finish by wiping down the timber door with a liquid furniture polish to help it retain its luster. This is especially important if you have used mineral spirits, as this substance may dull the sheen and the polish will restore it. Make sure you have matched the stain.

By following the above steps, you have rest assured that your timber doors are properly cleaned and that they will always look their best. Before using any cleaning product on your doors, it is important to read the label to determine its suitability for timber. If you are ever in doubt, do not use the product and find a more suitable way of removing the scuffmark or stain.