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Her Majesty’s Theatre

  • August 2000
  • Restoration & Repairs
  • Melbourne
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Her Majesty’s Theatre approached Armadale Doors and Leadlight a number of years ago while undergoing the remodelling and restoration of the Theatre.

A number of original Leadlight panels had been damaged or removed years ago and needed to be restored or recreated. Due to Armadale Doors & Leadlights large library of glass dating back to the 1880’s A, D & L were able to restore and recreate each panel using old original glass. It was important to Philip to keep the integrity of this historical building in Melbourne and to be true to the era in which it was built.

The new Leadlight panels are now built better than ever, but look like the original Leadlight panels that were installed in 1886 when Her Majesty’s Theatre was built. The glass used is not a reproduction, but is exactly the same glass used in 1886.