Baldwin Evolved

This premier collection of Baldwin hardware Australia delivers an electronic solution designed to exceed the luxurious architectural standards to which Baldwin users are accustomed. Beautiful aesthetics. Solid brass. Iconic style. Smart lock technology.

Baldwin Evolved smart lock
Control Baldwin Evolved Locks from Anywhere, Anytime
Available for iOS and select Android devices the smart lock Kevo app controls Baldwin entry door hardware.
Baldwin digital door locks controlled by phone
Touch to open
One touch Bluetooth technology and key fob access offers convenience and peace of mind.
Baldwin locks control by phone
Advanced bridge technology allows users to easily open and close doors using their smartphone and Kevo app.
Baldwin digital ekeys
Easy to use app grants remote access with eKeys. Monitor in real-time who is locking and unlocking.
Baldwin locks 24 hour access
Give you guest unrestricted access for 24 hours using guest eKeys, which can be resent to anyone as needed.
Baldwin time fencing
With pre-set day and time limits that you control, the scheduled eKey is perfect for regular visitors, like dogwalkers, house-cleaning services or repairmen.
Baldwin evolved lock
Try before you buy
Seeing is believing. Using the Baldwin augmented reality app you can see how your preferred handleset and finish will look on your home. Simply use a smartphone in conjunction with the app to decide which Baldwin product and finish looks best.
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Deadbolts & Handlesets
Keyless door locks blend the best of luxury Baldwin hardware in Melbourne with touch-to-open technology. Choose from 3 deadbolts and 18 handlesets, available in 18 finishes and 4 interiors. With a range of styles and finishes that are intermixable, you can create your own unique style. Key fobs are available for entry without a smartphone.
How secure is my Baldwin Evolved smart lock
Baldwin’s digital door locks are extremely secure, both digitally and mechanically. It uses multiple levels of encryption to increase digital security, and is continually reviewed by industry leading independent digital security experts.
What if my phone battery dies?
If your phone battery dies, you can always use the fob or a standard key to unlock electronic door locks. You can also sign into the app on another supported smartphone, and your eKeys will be instantly transferred to it.
What happens if I lose my phone?
Simply log into the Kevo mobile app on another smartphone or into the Kevo web portal and disable or delete your phone. You will need to use your fob or a standard key to unlock the door until you retrieve or replace your phone.
How can I give others access to my Baldwin Evolved lock?
You can provide a standard key, a fob, or send an eKey to anyone you wish to have access to your smart door lock. Make sure that eKey recipients have Kevo-compatible smartphones.
If my phone or fob is inside the house and someone touches the lock from the outside, will the door unlock?
The Baldwin Evolved smart lock has a unique and patent-pending feature to detect if the authorized user is inside or outside of the house. Performing the calibration process on your fob or phone will test this feature and help fine tune the sensor, so there will be no accidental unlocking from an unauthorized user outside. Please refer to the Kevo app for calibration instructions under the lock setting tab.
Can I use both phones and fobs with my Baldwin Evolved lock?
You can use a mix of phones and fobs with your lock.
What is an eKey and how is it used?
What is an eKey? An eKey is an encrypted electronic key that can be sent to friends and family with Kevo-compatible smartphones. It works just like your existing mechanical key but resides on your Smartphone. eKeys are completely free of charge. Each eKey is unique and assigned specifically to a Kevo user.
What are the different eKey types?
Owner eKey: When you set up your phone to work with the lock your phone will automatically receive the only owner eKey.
Admin eKey: have full access to the lock, the lock’s history, and its notifications in addition to being able to send, edit, or delete eKeys with the exception of the Owner.
Anytime eKey: are able to lock or unlock the lock, but have no access to the lock’s history, and its notifications in addition to not being able to send, edit, or delete eKeys.